Join the Center for Digital Business and unlock a world of opportunity to master the latest digital trends and technologies. Our sustainable partnerships with industry-leading companies offer you hands-on experience, access to cutting-edge software and tools, and the expertise of top professionals. Get ahead of the curve and prepare for a successful career in the ever-evolving digital economy with CDB. 

Mission and Objectives

CDB’s mission is to connect Howard University’s next generation of business professionals with the tools and training necessary to build, lead and scale organizations in today’s digital landscape. We have four objectives in pursuit of this mission: 

  1. Be a trusted resource for students seeking to gain experience with business technologies for their career and/or business venture. 
  2. Facilitate training and certification opportunities within our educational scope of Consumer Experience, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, 5G and other emerging technologies. 
  3. Collaborate with industry to curate unique, experiential learning opportunities and enhance facilities for students. 
  4. Partner with faculty to enhance curriculum and develop new course projects to reflect major trends in the digital economy. 
Students in suits sitting at a lecture.
Students in suits sitting at a lecture.

Our Approach

At the Center for Digital Business, we don’t just teach students how to use the latest business technologies, we empower them to lead the digital revolution. Our holistic approach integrates hands-on projects, guest speakers, and cutting-edge software with the classroom experience to provide students with the most relevant education possible.

By partnering with industry-leading businesses and facilitating faculty development workshops, our students receive timely and practical training in the latest trends and technologies in business. Whether you’re interested in marketing, finance, or supply chain, CDB provides the necessary tools and training to build a successful career in the digital economy.

Visit us on the 4th floor to experience our collaborative workspace and cybersecurity lab firsthand. Don’t just learn about the future of business, help create it with the Center for Digital Business. 

Partnerships & Affiliations

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Contact us for more information about corporate partnership with the Center for Digital Business at cdb@howard.edu.